We are Supporter's of the Australian Children's Contact Services Association (ACCSA). The ACCSA is a non-profit Association that promotes both the analysis of and the professionalisation of the Children’s Contact Services sector in Australia. For more information on Children's Contact services please refer to the ACCSA website at www.accsa.org.au

Service Agreement

The Service Agreement will need to be signed by both parties prior to the first supervision occuring. Service Agreements will be explained in detail to both parties during the initial meeting. We will also run through the initial meeting form which collects all the information about the child/children.


We encourage you to call us to discuss day, time and frequency of your supervision to allow us to best suit your needs and try our best to organise a designated staff for you. All contacts are held in a public space to allow changeover/supervision to occur in a natural space (unless court papers/agreement papers suggest otherwise).


We require cancellations to occur at least 48 hours prior to supervision. Please refer to our service agreement in regards to our cancellation policy.